S2 S 2 Full sails Sails for all two- and multi-seaters



Product information “S2 S 2 full sails for all two- and multi-seaters”
The S2 full sails can be used up to wind force 3-4, but the wave height must be taken into account in any case. Please do not overestimate your sailing skills! Beginners should only start with smaller winds and with a smaller sail in order to get a feel for the driving style.
Scope of delivery consists of: foresail and mainsail, window in the foresail and main sail,
3-part mast, consisting of lower mast part, middle mast part, upper mast part, gaff and boom made of seawater-resistant and anodized aluminum tubes, sword beam with two swords made of ash or 8-ply glued birch plywood, seawater-resistant lacquered, shrouds, fore and main sheet, drop lines, Pack bag, clicker.  
Sail area: less than 5 square meters
Weight: approx. 12 kg
Packing length: approx. 110 cm. 
No sailing license is required!