Aerius II 545 Quattro

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Product information “Aerius II 545 Quattro”

Two touring kayaks for hiking paddlers and kayak sailors of all ages and weights. Tilt-resistant, excellent straight-line stability and best sailing properties. As a Langeiner also for the sporty single driver. A toddler can easily be taken in the middle.

The wooden frame consists of eight-fold glued, high-quality birch plywood and first-class, tough mountain ash and is coated three times with a special marine paint.

The black TPU lower hull, additionally reinforced by a 25 cm wide keel strip, is particularly hard-wearing thanks to a carrier fabric coated on both sides and has a one- or two-tone hood made of pure, extremely tightly woven cotton, which is impregnated with high pressure to prevent rot and is particularly breathable. Equipped in this way, the Aerius Quattro II + 545 is the ideal companion on longer tours, on larger rivers, lakes and the sea. Backrests and longitudinally adjustable seats made of foamed PU material, lifeline, comfort carrying gag, can also be used as a single-seater thanks to the single-driver seat fitting, with backrest, particularly hard-wearing, black TPU lower section with four air hoses and a 25 cm wide keel strip, luggage spider at the rear, carrying gag at the front and rear with a return device , Rear loading hatch, lifeline.

Technical specifications:

  • Length – width 545 x 87 cm
  • Entrance hatch: (coaming) L x W 255 x 41 cm
  • Packing volume bags: 3
  • Weight 31kg
  • People 2
  • Air hoses: 4
  • Payload: 450kg
  • Keel strips: 1 x 25cm
  • Top tip: boat material
  • Fastening lifeline: D-rings
  • Material lower part: TPU black
  • Material upper aisle: Impregnated cotton
  • Sails: S1 / S2 / drive sails
  • Sail colors: white, white / blue, white / red, red / black
  • Foot control system: standard or comfort
  • Foot control system Attachment: on claw or on rail
  • Standard equipment TPU skin with keel strips, 4 air hoses, 2 adjustable seats, lifeline with D ring holder, carrying gag, reinforced skin tip, rubber stems, rear loading hatch, preparation for sails and foot controls, paddle holder, rail for single driver position

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Blue, Black, Olive, Red, Red Black, Olive Black, Blue Black

Loading Hatch

None, Front ex Works


Without Panniers, 3-Part Pannier Set

Seating Comfort

Standard Sliding Seat, Comfort Seat, Standard Sliding Seat with Ergonomic Arm Rest