Spraydeck Comfort AE II + 545


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Product information “Comfort AE II + 545 spraydeck”
Black comfort spraydeck for the Aerius II + 545 made of durable PVC and PES material for 2 people.
The Klepper spray covers are all attached with Velcro and counter Velcro. The Velcro is sewn into the spraydeck itself and the fleece is glued to the coaming. 
The spraydeck itself is made of black, structured fabric.
Special feature: There are 2 or more small ribbons on the side, depending on the type of spray deck. In changeable weather you can pull up or attach the spraydeck. If the weather gets better, simply open the spraydeck from the side, roll over to the other side and attach to the coaming with the help of the ribbons. If the weather worsens, loosen the tape and close the spraydeck again.

Scope of delivery: spraydeck, counter fleece and assembly instructions.