Rear rubber post, black, Aerius II 520, Aerius II + 545 and XXL 585




Product information “Rear rubber post, black, Aerius II 520, Aerius II + 545 and XXL 585”
The rubber post is attached to seal seams and also as impact protection.
The stern fitting is also attached to the rear rubber post. This is necessary to attach the control sheet.
For this you need the rubber solution in the can (700g), this is available in the shop!
Only carry out repairs on the assembled boat.
Quick start Guide:
First mark where the stem is to be attached, roughen these areas (including the stem on the left side!) With sandpaper and clean the boat skin thoroughly with benzine (remove all old residues!).
Coat the boat skin and stem well with rubber solution.
Just like repairing a bicycle inner tube, you have to wait for the rubber solution to dry well on all parts; this takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the moisture content of the air and its temperature.
Then coat the boat skin and the stern thinly again, allow to dry and, starting with the “nose” (the short end piece), attach the stern with a little effort.
Press the rubber stems firmly against the skin; This works very well with the palm of your hand and with a hard, but not sharp-edged object.
After sticking it, let it rest for 24 hours in the assembled state and let it dry; then the rubber solution can vulcanize well.