Packsack Klepper waterproof 20 L


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Product information “Packsack Klepper waterproof 20 L”
Material:  10% TPU, 90% nylon
 Length 60 cm, width 24.5 cm (open) or length 45 cm, width 24.5 cm (closed or rolled)
Volume: 20 ltr.
Weight: approx. 200 g
Colour: black with silver-colored Klepper logo

Waterproof 20 liter pack sack,.

According to the principle of “pack and take with you”, he takes away some of your belongings and closes the door. This inexpensive pack sack is also useful for use in non-waterproof rucksacks. Provisions and clothing are well packed and protected, stay dry and can be stowed away easily.

An easy-to-use, proven and safe plug-in closure is used for closing. Roll at least three to four times before submerging in the water. Put the snap lock together and the entire equipment is practical, tightly packed and easy to carry.