Fishing-Set I -short -with 2 fishing brackets for all Aerius I models



Product information “Fishing-Set I -short -with 2 fishing brackets for all Aerius I models”
Come towards the fish!
Klepper offers this fishing package as a fishing set I -short- for all Aerius models, whether single or multi-seater.
This base plate, which is very easy to attach, is equipped with two universal brackets. You can use fishing rod mount if necessary and a bracket for a position light (both available separately) if you fish in the dark. This light is visible up to 3 kilometers, a safety factor that should not be underestimated. Please also have a look at the Fishing-Set II.
In addition, you can mount a GPS, compass, Navi Light or a “fishfinder” on the mounting board.
The fishing set I consists of:
1 mounting board (short), 2 hook bolts and 2 universal brackets and 2 fishing brackets

The mounting board for the single-seaters with a width of 45 cm is attached so far in front that it does not hinder you when paddling.

The 60 cm wide mounting board for the multi-seater (see Fishing – Set II) can be attached at the front, in the middle or at the back.
For this purpose, the multi-seater model already has several holes in different widths ex works.
If you are sure that you will only use the mounting board at the front of a multi-seater, please select the model for the single-seater.
Since this is not that wide, it does not protrude so far beyond the coaming edge on the side.
A note on adjusting the fishing rod holder: inserting the fishing rod holder into the universal adapter mount on the mounting board only works in one position. Why? Because about 1cm before the fishing rod holder is fully (and firmly) pushed in, it can be turned in all directions.
So that the fishing rod holder and the fishing rod cannot go overboard, there is only one position for completely removing or inserting it.