Boomerang for Aerius II 520, Aerius 545 & Aerius 585XXL



Product information “Boomerang for Aerius II 520 and Aerius 545 and Aerius 585XXL”
The boomerang is the last piece of wood that belongs to the frame when assembling a folding boat.
It sits across at the end of the hatch and is very important for stability.
You will find the 5-digit serial number of your scaffolding on the boomerang (but not when you buy it later, as here).
The boomerang is held in place by coaming fittings – left and right. These will
offered separately as a spare part.
Please note your type of boat when buying!
Birch plywood, dip-coated
This boomerang is suitable for the AE I SL 490 (Langeiner).