Sliding seat with ergonomic backrest


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Product information “sliding seat with ergonomic arm”
Sliding seat with ergonomic backrest, inflatable backrest.
Comfortable seating guaranteed!
A continuous backrest that is connected to the sliding seat.
Inflatable – the necessary stability results from the wooden panel and the backrest tube inside.
The black cover is made of water-repellent fabric.
The backrest is suitable for all Aerius models.
Please indicate the seating position and the model.
A rail must be available on the keel floor for this. Otherwise available in the shop.
Size of the seat: 38 x 28.5 x 8.5 cm (WxDxH)
The preselection of the seating positions relates to all two- or multi-seaters
E.g. Aerius II 520 or 545: 1. Sitting position = front
                                          2. Sitting position = back
Aerius XXL 585: 1st sitting position = front
                          2. behind etc.
The preselection of the seating position is not relevant for all single-seaters.