Klepper comfort boat trolley Foldy



Product information “Klepper Comfort Boat Trolley Foldy”

The Klepper comfort boat trolley, also known as Foldy, has pneumatic tires, is foldable, seawater-proof and can be used for both the assembled and dismantled folding boat and as a hand truck.
The Klepper comfort boat trolley is optimally configured for the transport of Klepper boats. Straps from other manufacturers are usually not long enough.
Because the joints and hinges are subjected to a lot of stress when unfolding and folding, high-quality and careful production is very important. Therefore, the close cooperation with the leading German manufacturer Eckla is a guarantee for the highest quality. This enables us to give a 2 year guarantee on this product from the date of purchase.

Material: aluminum
Suitability: For salt and fresh water
Weight: 4.9 kg
Payload / load capacity: 60 kg as a transport trolley for the dismantled boat, 130 kg as a boat trolley for the assembled boat.
Dimensions: Unfolded 50 x 68 x 100 cm, disassembled 35 x 68
Support: As a transport trolley yes, as a boat trolley no
Tyres: rubber, diameter 25 cm,
tire width 8 cm Special features: wide tires that prevent sinking into the sand or mud.

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